About Reid Foods

Our family moved from the west coast in 1984 and we found that there were no salsas we liked in the stores. As we have a taste for fresh products, we began making our own salsa using ingredients from our garden. We discovered that many of our friends were not acquainted with salsa and they eagerly tried ours.

While we knew our salsa was good, we had no idea just how good! Many of our friends came back with empty jars asking for more, which we gladly supplied. Most of them only thought of the salsas a dip, we had to explain to them that they could also utilize it in their cooking, such as a sauce to pour over chicken, beef, pork, and noodles. In addition, it can also be used as an accent to soups or poured over vegetables. After several years of encouragement from our friends, we decided to market our product. Since I was the chief cook and bottle washer, we decided to name the products "Maria's Style", and that's how these products were born.

Our company goal is to maintain a high standard in order to provide truly unique products. Today we service over 700 specialty stores and our line of distinctive-all natural and no preservatives gourmet products continues to grow. So feed your imagination with superior quality and excellent taste. The perfection of simplicity, eating and living well never tasted better, so let your imagination run wild with Maria's Style products. Thanks for visiting our website.

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